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A journal to help you hear God speak.

   Live in peace  • Connect with your Creator  • Heal through love

    • Live in peace

 • Connect with your Creator

• Heal through love

$12.99 + shipping

Click the image below to download a sample.

This 52-day journal teaches you how to record your two-way conversations with Jesus. You don’t need to doubt God loves you or that you can hear His Voice. And you don’t need to struggle alone anymore. But you do need a tangible tool to help you sit still and get started.


“Whispers of Mercy found me when I was struggling with intense doubt that the ‘Voice’ I was hearing in my soul was really the Voice of God. Reading Whispers of Mercy confirmed that God is within me and I can truly hear His Voice!” – Mercy 

“I have so enjoyed reading through Whispers of Mercy. In a culture where being over busy is the normal, having a tool to help me learn to sit still and hear God’s voice has been a blessing to my life.” – Bethany

Through Whispers of Mercy will you learn how to two-way journal and listen to an inner, quiet Voice of Love. It is through the holy ground of these pages, that you will find your Seeker and you will see how real Jesus is, right beside you…even at your very own kitchen table!

“Oh how I treasure what this journaling is doing to me! I am breathless with gratitude! Jesus is real to me, right beside me at my kitchen table, for the first time in my life!!!” – Amy B.

If you’re done feeling lost, done struggling alone, and ready to connect, heal, and grow with the One named Love Himself, this journal can ignite a sincere inner faith journey.

“This kind of material should and could lead many people on a sincere inner faith journey.” – Fr. Richard Rhor

How To Use the Journal:

Please read the “How To Use The Journal” page at the beginning of the book. Also, keep in mind, when journaling the voice of Jesus (God, True Self, whatever you call this inner Voice of Love) you are not going to hear an audible voice. You will ask God to speak to your heart and then write the first words that flood your mind. What you hear will change your life forever!

“As I daily worked through the journal, I slowly began to experience Jesus in a new way. Jesus used Whispers of Mercy to speak to me like never before and His Voice has changed my life forever.” – Haley

Just as a child slowly learns her alphabet before she learns to read, the same is true with learning how to two-way journal. It may feel like you are talking to yourself and you may doubt what you hear. That is normal and just like anything else you practice, it will get easier with time and soon feel more natural. Remember, His thoughts will always be loving toward you and never shaming, fear-based, or urgent. He’s not in a hurry, so it is my wish that you won’t be either. The truth is, once you try it, you will never see journaling in any other form.

“I am forever changed and will never see journaling in any other form.” – Amy M.


“I’m so grateful for what Whispers of Mercy has given to me. Using this journal is a daily reminder of the importance of reflecting on our personal relationship with God and how he speaks to us all individually in different ways.” – Kayte

 “So thankful for this much needed daily reminder that the Holy Spirit is active and actually personally interested in me. This journal is a gift!” – Steve

“This journal is so beautifully done. The idea of training yourself to focus on and listen to God and slowing down to keep a record of His voice is ideal for people new to Christianity AND weathered believers alike!” – Kelly

“Such a tangible tool for deepening our personal relationship with Jesus!” – Julia

“Great journal! Love the prompts and the connection with God that follows.” – Lauren

If you have enjoyed Whispers of Mercylet me know. I’d love to share your review. Thank you!