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In a culture that is drowning from funnel fatigue and marketing madness, how do your words not add more white noise? It’s simple:

Be human. Be you.

You are the only you this world will ever have. Set apart to offer the world what others cannot, or will not. Though there have been billions of people before you and there will be billions after, no one else can be you.

That’s how much you matter.

So how do you share your one of a kind gift with the world? It’s simple and it all starts with word. Whether in thought, written or spoken, words speak life into existence. You. Me. The screenplay. The sun. The sky. For, “in the beginning was the word.” John 1:1

That’s how much words matter.

This is where I come in. To offer words that move, motivate…that matter. But first I listen. Yes, I’m a freelance writer, but more than that, I’m a listener.

The truth is, you don’t need another click-bait writer. You need a listener, that can also write. Someone who knows that while keywords are important, they are pointless if you’re not mirroring your audiences own language. It may feel smart to use big, fancy words, but most people don’t talk using big, fancy words. Conversational content equals connection. 

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Whether you need content for a website, magazine, blog or any writing needs at all, I’m here to serve! Subject areas that I love to write about include, but are not limited to: 

  • Creative Writing
  • Contemplative Writing
  • Mindfulness /Self-care
  • Nature / Gardening
  • Tennessee Living
  • Outdoor Destinations
  • Budget Travel
  • Entrepreneurship