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I am the owner/operator of my house cleaning business, an author/freelance writer, and a coffee lover. A clean home, well-written page, and cup of coffee is my kinda day.  While continuing to operate my house cleaning business, I also enjoy freelance writing and most recently, self-publishing my book, Farm Girl Meditations: 31 Days To Love The Life You Live. 

My husband, Brad, and I love spending time with our children, being outdoors, and traveling. In 2018 we sold our house in the city, bought a little fixer-upper on 5 acres in the country, and love it! I am a birth mom, stepmom, and mom. Andrew, my birth son I placed for open adoption, is 25 years old. My step-son, Braden, is 13 years old, and my daughter, Scout, is 16 years old. Being a mama to these babies is my greatest gift. I am also a mama to three fur babies, a dog, cat, and rabbit – the biggest rascals of the bunch!